A Roof Over Your Head

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A Roof Over Your Head

Composite Roof

What’s a house without a roof? In Oregon and Washington, it’s a very soggy, wet and cold place! Just as a museum would not hang a masterpiece without the perfect frame to protect and enhance it, A.C.T. Builders helps you choose the best roof for your new custom or remodeled home. The right roof on your home is like that perfect picture frame. It provides comfort and protection that complements the style, color, design, and age of your home. A great roof never just sits on top of a residence or commercial property. It enhances it, beautifies it and preserves… Read the Full Post »

Published on November 22nd, 2015 | 10:36pm | by shop-act | Additions, Construction, Custom Homes, Remodels

Should You Be Your Own General Contractor?

man assessing home

Can a dentist extract his own molar? Can a surgeon remove her own appendix? Can you act as your own general contractor? The answer to each of the above questions is: “Yes, certainly.” But the second question would be why?

Published on October 24th, 2015 | 10:36pm | by shop-act | Additions, Construction, Custom Homes, Remodels

Building a Good Rapport With Your Contractor


You’ve decided to build a custom home or do an extensive remodel. You’ve done your homework and you have all the pieces in place – a great plan, a fabulous location, and most important, the experience of A.C.T. Builders to make your dream remodel a reality. What comes next? Construction! And with construction comes many different professionals, tradespeople, contractors, sub-contractors, and various workers into your home and onto your property. What can you do to ensure a good experience for you, your family, your contractor, your neighbors and everyone involved? Putting yourself in the construction workers’ shoes, or in this… Read the Full Post »

Published on October 12th, 2015 | 10:36pm | by Aaron Marvin | Additions, Remodels

The Art of Less Stress Moving

Room full of moving boxes

Our job at ACT Builders is to create your dream home, and we’re good at our job. We are experts at taking care of every detail to ensure your new residence is all you hoped for. So while we do our part, what can you do to lessen the stress of the upcoming move to your new home? Is there even such thing as a stress-less move? Not likely, unless you’re a hermit crab. It’s pretty much guaranteed that either moving out from your home while it is being remodeled or moving into a new home will cause a touch… Read the Full Post »

Published on July 30th, 2015 | 10:36pm | by shop-act | Additions, blog, Custom Homes, Remodels

What To Do With Leftover Building Materials

House Under Construction

Leftovers from last night’s dinner are not only a money-saver, they can taste better the second time around. Leftover building materials from a custom building project or renovation are not so delightful, and can be quite bothersome to deal with. At A.C.T. Builders, we are professional contractors and would never leave your project looking like a tornado just hit from the Home Depot plastic bag factory. But the facts are, there is often some product leftover when your building project is finished. Why Leftover Building Materials? Planning for overage and the unforseen is an essential practice for any contractor. Consider… Read the Full Post »

Published on June 30th, 2015 | 10:36pm | by shop-act | Additions, Construction, Custom Homes, Remodels

10 Things to Consider Before a Home Remodel

Exterior of Old House in Need of Home Remodel

A home remodel can be one of the most rewarding and stressful events a home owner will go through. There are numerous considerations to go over before making a decision to remodel–event down to considering whether the project is worth taking on at all. We’ve assembled a series of 10 things to consider before committing time and resources to a home remodel project. A few things to consider before a home remodel Do you love the area? Even if you only plan to stay in a house for a short time, it’s important to like where you live, and it’s even better… Read the Full Post »

Published on April 29th, 2015 | 10:36pm | by shop-act | Construction, Remodels

Since we were living in our home during the remodel, they maintained a clean area every night making it as non-invasive as possible. All of the work was beautifully done and visitors to our home are so impressed with the workmanship and attention to detail. The end results far exceeded our expectations.” ~ Terry and Donna Scott

From the beginning through completion, working with Aaron and Charlie Marvin with ACT Builders, was a wonderful experience. We were impressed by their desire to carefully plan for and accommodate our special needs in the remodel. They were open to our suggestions and were good at offering other options, as well.” ~ Terry and Donna Scott

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There is nothing quite as relaxing as coming home from a long drive or commute and getting close to your house. The streets are familiar, you know the houses so well, and your car practically drives itself home. You may pass by…

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