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10 Things to Consider Before a Home Remodel

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A home remodel can be one of the most rewarding and stressful events a home owner will go through. There are numerous considerations to go over before making a decision to remodel–event down to considering whether the project is worth taking on at all. We’ve assembled a series of 10 things to consider before committing time and resources to a home remodel project.

A few things to consider before a home remodel

  1. Do you love the area? Even if you only plan to stay in a house for a short time, it’s important to like where you live, and it’s even better if you adore your neighborhood. Don’t worry what your parents or friends think — does the area work for you and your family? Neighborhood vibe, friendliness, local attractions and restaurants, noise level, schools, weather, history – what matters to you is what matters most.
  2. Will the area love your ideas? Are you planning to fit an edgy, slick design into a folksy ranch neighborhood? You could be risking your new neighbors hating you before you even move in! Blending an extensive remodel into a well-established neighborhood while incorporating fresh ideas is not for the do-it-yourselfer. Hiring experts, like our team at A.C.T. Builders ensures we get it right the first time.
  3. Don’t overbuild, but don’t underbuild either. Updating an older home is a rewarding process, but if your ideas go beyond what a future buyer will appreciate, you’ll pay for it when you go to sell. On the other hand, choosing shortcuts and inferior building supplies is readily evident as well.
  4. Does the house have “good bones”? Tearing out walls is not the time to discover an original structure was so poorly built that major changes, and expensive renovations, need to be made. Our experienced team of builders are honest and upfront, so we are not afraid to tell you a certain design won’t work in the hopes of netting a larger fee when the “worst” is discovered. We are also great at making the good bones of a house into a stunning place to live — the home your house was always meant to be.
  5. Will you be living in the house during the remodel? If so, buy some nice pajamas, because you’ll be seeing your contractor and construction crew more than you can imagine. Although living in your house during construction adds a laundry list of inconveniences (such as where to do your laundry), it has an upside too. As walls go down and windows come out, you see your property in a new light and sometimes make brilliant decisions that produce a better end result.
  6. If you decide you don’t want to know the contractors quite that well, consider how long you want to be out of your house while the remodel is completed? A nearby rental property is an ideal way to monitor the progress, but if you would rather come back to a finished project, the timing of a remodel can coincide with a nice relaxing vacation.
  7. How involved do you want to be in the demolition and construction process? If you see yourself in a hard hat and swinging a sledgehammer, we should be aware of your expectations. Without appropriate experience, many DIY homeowners simply add time and cost to the remodel, not savings. But if you just want to drive by and peek once in a while, that’s good to communicate too. Not everyone wants to see their house all torn up, but everyone loves to enjoy the finished results.
  8. Get yourself organized! Think of all possible scenarios and get ready for them. Having your office remodeled and tax time is coming up? You’d better make sure your records are easy to find. Moving out, but storing things for a time? You’ll need to pull out some off-season clothes for when the weeks go by and the temperature dips or rises.
  9. What will you do with your pets? Arrangements must be made to deal with dogs that escape the yard and cats that hate loud noises. We will be on a first name basis with your pets — you must decide if that is a good thing or not.
  10. Count the cost! Be prepared for unexpected delays and “Uh oh!” moments that sometimes happen with remodels large and small. But also be prepared to love your newly remodeled home.

The (sometimes) ugly truth about a home remodel–it’s work!

A remodel is not always easy and there are many decisions to be made. If it were easy, every house in Portland and Vancouver would look fabulous and Pinterest perfect. Remodels are messy, dusty, noisy and can get on your last nerve like nothing else. But what’s the end result? Your forethought and planning results in a home that feels just right for you and your family.

If you’re getting ready to undergo a home remodel, feel free to give us a call or drop us a line. We’d love to spend some time talking with you about the project and helping you to plan for success.

I have worked with ACT Builders for about 9 years now. They're professionalism and attention to detail is difficult to match and they always have the clients best interest at heart. I'll be honest... I'm slightly bias, since a friendship has grown out of the original working relationship. Don't be surprised when that happens to you too.” ~ Matt Willett

In September, we decided to take the plunge and remodel our kitchen and living room. I really didn't have a vision I just knew I wanted change. Aaron came over and shared his ides with us and we were off and running. With Aaron's guidance, we made a decision to tear out the fire place and interior walls. This opened everything thing up into an amazing great-room. His ability to visualize was extraordinary and he worked with my self proclaimed frugalness. ” ~ Upstairs Revitalization

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