The Art of Less Stress Moving

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The Art of Less Stress Moving

Room full of moving boxes

Our job at ACT Builders is to create your dream home, and we’re good at our job. We are experts at taking care of every detail to ensure your new residence is all you hoped for. So while we do our part, what can you do to lessen the stress of the upcoming move to your new home? Is there even such thing as a stress-less move? Not likely, unless you’re a hermit crab. It’s pretty much guaranteed that either moving out from your home while it is being remodeled or moving into a new home will cause a touch… Read the Full Post »

Published on July 30th, 2015 | 08:52pm | by shop-act | Additions, blog, Custom Homes, Remodels

What To Do With Leftover Building Materials

House Under Construction

Leftovers from last night’s dinner are not only a money-saver, they can taste better the second time around. Leftover building materials from a custom building project or renovation are not so delightful, and can be quite bothersome to deal with. At A.C.T. Builders, we are professional contractors and would never leave your project looking like a tornado just hit from the Home Depot plastic bag factory. But the facts are, there is often some product leftover when your building project is finished. Why Leftover Building Materials? Planning for overage and the unforseen is an essential practice for any contractor. Consider… Read the Full Post »

Published on June 30th, 2015 | 08:52pm | by shop-act | Additions, Construction, Custom Homes, Remodels

The Decision to Build a Custom Home

Notebook on Table

The home of your dreams could be floating around as pictures in your mind’s eye. You see images of how you like to live and relax, raise your children, entertain your friends, pamper your family and guests, and where you would like to age with dignity. These bits and fragments of ideas can come together in reality with our help. At ACT Builders, we know how to bring your dream homes into the real world right here in Portland and Vancouver. Our first step is pulling your ideas into a housing wish list. Whether you do this with hard copy photos… Read the Full Post »

Published on May 28th, 2015 | 08:52pm | by shop-act | blog, Custom Homes

Choosing a Custom Home Builder

Embarking on a custom home project is one of the most exciting things a homeowner can be a part of. There are, of course, lots of things to consider, but at the top of the list is choosing the right home builder for your project. All builders work a bit differently from one another, and choosing the right one can be critical to the success of your project. Working with a team that produces high quality work is great, but if they can’t (or won’t) communicate with you in a timely fashion you can quickly end up feeling disconnected from… Read the Full Post »

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ACT Builders did a fantastic job on our home construction. They’ve managed to complete the project on time and within budget. The entire process was flawless. Charlie and Aaron offered great advice on our project. Many of their creative ideas were then implemented into our house. The communication between ourselves and their team was great.” ~ The View Clients

I have worked with ACT Builders for about 9 years now. They're professionalism and attention to detail is difficult to match and they always have the clients best interest at heart. I'll be honest... I'm slightly bias, since a friendship has grown out of the original working relationship. Don't be surprised when that happens to you too.” ~ Matt Willett

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There is nothing quite as relaxing as coming home from a long drive or commute and getting close to your house. The streets are familiar, you know the houses so well, and your car practically drives itself home. You may pass by…

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